Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bedtime and Showers

This week Joey is insisting on not sleeping until it is dark outside, and having me stay with him until he falls asleep. Having me stay with him is a phase he slides in and out of; in a couple of weeks, he'll complain about me staying. The light thing is a little more worrisome. Summer is a long few months of waiting until 9 to be able to clean, work with my students, or take a shower.

Showers are one thing that has become a trade-able commodity in our household. There is little chance of getting one while Joey is awake, because he needs to be constantly supervised now that he can get out of his child-safe room. However, now that he is up constantly from 6 am to 9 pm, that doesn't leave much time for both a shower and sleeping. At least Andy still naps. But getting in showers this summer should be very interesting- there are only so many hours in a day. Sleep is another one of those valuable commodities, but I have insomnia on my side. However, if I don't get some sleep, its very hard to deal with Joey screaming the next day... and poor Andy! He's VERY two. That takes some patience to deal with, too. Plus, he imitates his brother- in fact, I often now have to go look to see who is raising the ruckus.

The fun part of all this is that I get to snuggle Joey to sleep. Allan gets to snuggle Andy to sleep (and Andy is now in his Big Bed, and very happy about it, which helps, too). Tonight we sang some songs together (would I have guess a year ago that my Joey would be singing songs now?) after reading some stories, and he settled himself and got to sleep. What a cutie. We're SO lucky that he likes being hugged and squished. I can't imagine the nightmare of having a child who didn't like being touched. Joey is into the hugging. I should probably get him a weighted vest when he gets a little older, but for now, I can hug him, and his teachers can hug him, and he really feels so much better.

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