Monday, June 26, 2006


So today I started the "home program" I have for Joey- mostly workbooks of preschool skills he needs to start kindergarten. It wasn't a total disaster, but it was a little grating on the nerves. Basically, I show him the workpage, try to show him what he needs to do, and then use a DTT method of teaching him to communicate the skills he already has. He needs to be able to follow directions and complete worksheets to get through school.

I got him to teh table by enticing him with playdough. It was a good strategy- he wouldn't just come sit, especially when he saw there was going to be work involved, but teh playdough got him right to the table. Then we went through four activities. I thought we did really well. He only melted down twice in a major way, and just a few small frustration incidents. Not too bad. If I can get him doing this for me, he won't lose time when he gets back to school re-learning to focus.

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