Thursday, August 17, 2006


So Vonda came form the Matthew's Center. She asked the same questions everyone asks- what's the problem, what shape is he in, what does he like (for reinforcers) and dislike (in case of sensory issues), what behaviors do we see that are unusual.

I have a hard time with this questionaire. I'm fine with likes, and stressing the problem is communication, not intelligence or sensory issues; but trying to explain the exact problem with Joey is a little difficult, and dislikes is nearly impossible. I mean, I can name foods; but then, that;s his main sensory issue, and most of the dislikes I think are just normal dislikes, like not liking tomatoes. Lots of kids don't like tomatoes. Yes, he tracks. Not much to be done for that, especially since he can be very sneaky about it. OK, he's echolalic. At least he's putting the echoed words into an appropriate context much of the time. He's doing better, but he's clearly not talking at the level of a normal four-year-old. When kids ask him questions, he just stares at them blankly. Is that a social issue, or a communication issue?

Deneice (our speech therapist) is also testing him this week. They need the eval to get teh insurance to kick in. I'm really nervous about that, too- he's been testing well, even though in teh real world he's not up to par. Andy speaks more words, and more appropriately, than Joey. If he tests at 36 months or better, I could lose services! On the other hand, how great would it be if he were 36 months or better? If this therapy is working?

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