Friday, February 23, 2007

Just another day

Our preschool teacher found out I got Joey's file copied, and now has the letter saying I am going to taperecord the Wednesday meeting. She freaked out. I had to tell her there was nothing she could do. It was a much harder conversation than Wednesday is going to be. On Wednesday, I am going to go in and make sure my child's rights to live, to develop, to learn, to have the opportunity at independence, to have his feelings considered, and to be human will be respected. This was telling someone else that they couldn't avoid a conversation they hoped to avoid.

The girls left the workroom a mess again. I don't know why they can't take two minutes to put the games back in the box, the crayons back in the drawer, the notebook back on the table... but it seems to be some great challenge of the age. And apparently I have to do my own graphs.

And Joey has returned to spinning cars. I always worry about working him too hard. Today, he just had a nice, quiet day playing with Mom and Brother. And spinning his cars. BUt we all need some days like that.

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