Thursday, April 19, 2007

Home Not-Alone

So Joey has now missed a week of school. We've been relaxing and trying to get him to recover from all these infections and coughs and creeping crud. A taste of summer vacation, if you will. I've caught up on my episodes of Pinky Dinky Doo, learned all the Oobi and Ply with Me Sesame games on Noggin, and made that lovely movie. I can't really go anywhere, because of Joey's problems with his antibiotics, and I can't just let them loose in teh yard because of the chilly weather (they're supposed ot be recovering from these colds, not picking up on new ones). We've pretended to be dogs, cats, cows, Space Rangers, Little Bear, Duck, dinosaurs, Little Bear pretending to be a Space Ranger, Mr. Guinea Pig, and racing cars. We've done painting, drawing, coloring, put together puzzles, played trains, played blocks, played with the play-kitchen, played with play-doh, and played with some our big fancy toys, like our Cars playset tent and our racetrack. In other words, it's been like a rainy-day week here.

What shall we do today?

I was thinking of more coloing (to go with Andy's listening therapy) followed by exploring the basement playroom, maybe getting out our tunnels. Then lunch, and storytime. Andy then has his nap, and Joey's therapies start. We have ABA, OT, and a music lesson today. Then we should get home for dinner and bed. Whew!

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