Monday, April 02, 2007

Trying to see the doctor

It sometimes amazes me what people expect from children. Joey has been getting cold and clammy, and even sweaty, so I tried to take him in to the doctor this morning. We wanted to be sure it was connected with coming off the steroid, and not anoter problem. Our own doctor can't see him until Thursday... so we often go over to the Medic One, a walk-in clinic. I got there for opening, but we were still fourth in line. OK, I thought. 45 minutes. A little long for kids to wait- and I had both guys with me today- but we'll deal.

An hour and a half and two meltdowns later, we were still waiting. The first people hadn't come out yet. The other folks in teh waiting room were giving us the looks-could-kill scowls and the why-can't-you-control-your-brats frowns (after all, they weren't feeling well, either- why would they want to see two little boys screaming, kicking, and hitting their mom? TWICE?) The staff was getting annoyed with us, too. They couldn't tell me how long it would be. No one could tell me anything. We finally gave up and left. I'm just going to keep Joey quiet for today, and if he's still not right, we'll try again tomorrow.

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