Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Good With the Bad

Joey had an excellent extra-primo day today. This was a bit of a surprise, since his schedule was all screwed up yesterday by a field trip to the elementary school, but I'll take it. :) His ABA therapist said he worked really hard for her, and then his OT was really happy with him- they are making a special project that requires cutting, and apparently he's doing it all by himself- and then our music lesson was brilliant. In the past, Joey hasn't wanted to watch and focus on the teacher, he's just wanted to bang on the drums. Today, he paid attention pretty well and followed the lesson along, and played the rhythms (or at least tried to). I am so proud of him! He even alternated the sticking! What a star!

Andy, however, was terribly sick all day. He threw up until about 4 this morning. He kept down some juice and toast for me during the day, but I came home from therapies to a report of a baby throwing up. He slept a lot. He just looked awful. I took him over to the doctor. We have a set of clinics in this area that take walk-ins, and we use them a lot for when the boys are actually sick, because trying to get in to see a doctor around here is always a couple days' wait. I don't know about you, but I certainly wouldn't want a pounding headache-ear infection for two days before I could even get in to a doctor; why would I make a 2-year-old wait two days? I'm probably the kind of parent most docs hate anyway- since my boys can't really tell me what's going on, if they act in certain, unusual ways, I take them in. Tell me its a virus if that's what it is, but please check them, just in case. I think I've been "wrong" once- and two days later, we were back with an ear infection. :P

So I take my bundle of dead weight over to our usual clinic. The problem with walk0in clinics is you never know who the doctor is going to be, and they have a rather high rate of turnover and musical-chairs. However, I've never been outright refused service before. They've hired someone who won't see children. What's up with THAT? At a walk-in clinic that a good many folks use as primary care? You're joking, right? But no- I was told to call my pediatrician (why would I be standing in a walk-in clinic if my pediatrician would see me at 7 o'clock on a Thursday night?) or go to the emergency room (um... the kid isn't in mortal danger. He just needs you to look in his ears). Fortunately, there's also a location in the next town over, so we called ahead (in case I ran into traffic and got there after closing) and off we went. Those people saw us just fine. Double ear infection. Start a new round of Zithromax and see what happens. Woo-hoo!

So far, his fever seems o be down, and he's sleeping, and hasn't tossed the medicine back up. Knock on wood, I think he might get some real rest tonight!

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Club 166 said...

Yea for Joey!

Hope you're sleeping better tonight.