Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy July Fourth. Part 2

It is Fourth of July- and that means FIREWORKS! My boys love to watch fireworks, and talk abotu fireworks- but not listen to fireworks. Whistles and pops are not their friends. Joey spent mostof teh display with his fingers on his ears. Andy started with fingers, then tried jamming green cherry tomatoes in them, and finally hid under Grandma's chair. But would he go inside or sit on Mom's lap? NosireeBob, he wanted to see his fireworks!

Although Andy is considered "NT"- he is not autistic- he does have sensory integration dysfunction. This is not considered a disabling condition, but it seems to me that many of the "problems" we see in Joey we also see in Andy, because the cause is a problem with sensory issues. So though I don't have two autistic children, it sure can sometimes look like I do. When both kids are telling me "too loud, Mommy!" and the NT one is the one under the chair... well, it makes for an interesting Fourth of July.


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Both my kids spent fireworks with ears covered, but the NT child was more freaked out by the noise this year than the autistic child with the sensory integration problems. Go figure.

mcewen said...

I made sure that mine had been swimming for two solid hours so that one dropped off during supper [never his favourite time anyway] so by the time it was dark and the fireworks started mine we in deep REM.
My daughter waited up of course, it would have to be four hours swimming to wear her out.