Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Repost: Time

From last summer.

Allan and I came up with this, and are seeing if it starts making its way around the world as a chain email:

You need to be taking more time for yourself when:

Your hair repels water.
Your babysitter is shocked to hear from you, because she thought you moved.
Someone asks if you've read a good book lately, and you expound a postmodernist deconstruction of Pat the Bunny.
You consider anything other than Kraft Macaroni and Cheese to be gourmet cooking.
You have the "Sesame Street" theme stuck in your head, and the only song you can think of to get it out is the theme of "Blue's Clues."
You have to toss beer/wine from your fridge because it's too old to drink.
The last hit song you remember is "The Macarena."
Your idea of a fun night out is a trip to Walmart.
You think sleeping is a waste of time.


kristina said...

Target is more fun!

Usually I just get into a little post-colonial analysis of Where the Wild Things Are with a dash of semiotic interpretation of the colors of the Wiggles vs. the Teletubbies.

Get another bottle of wine.....

mcewen said...

Huh! And there was me thinking that 're-posting' was cheating!
Makes you realise how far we've come though huh!
I noticed that we still have Sesame Street on the TIVO - perhaps we can delete it?

Niksmom said...

LOL...you say those things like they're not exactly desirable. "You mean they're NOT??" Oops...there goes MY life...