Thursday, August 30, 2007

Meet the Teacher(s)

We went to Open House this evening. Grandma and I took Joey and Andy out to dinner, then over to school to meet our new kindergarden crew. It was really exciting. We got a copy of Joey's schedule and met both of his teachers, made sure we dragged our supplies with us, and even got to meet one of the other sets of parents. The self-contained class is really small right now, which will be all the better- everythng can be tailored to our kids, and Joey is going to be a real wing-ding of a challenge. The one teacher noted they have never started out with a kid as smart as Joey- meaning as far along academically- and we are looking forward to reading groups already! Joey spent most of the evening writing on the dry-erase board- letters, words, even "Come to school", and math (12 + 12 = 24). Show-off.

Its kind of weird to be explaining to a teacher, "well, he already knows how to read, he writes all his letters and numbers, and he can add...academics isn't the problem." When she asked, "so what's the problem?" all we could really say is, "everything else." Fortunately, these two people have seen Joey. They understand what we mean.

The adventure beings on Tuesday.


Club 166 said...

Our Buddy Boy is the highest achieving student academically in his self-contained classroom, where he spends about half his time. The other half is spent with his typical peers during the "special" classes (music, PE, Spanish, computers).

Although the teacher is aware that he is fine academically, she only spends about half as much time teaching him academic subjects (especially math) as he would get if he were in the gen-ed class, and even then "dumbs it down". This will only lead to him falling behind academically.



Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Sounds familiar! Academics, no problem. Everything else, um... My kid is several grade levels ahead in math. He's failing lunch and recess. ;)