Friday, September 07, 2007


With Joey in school, I have a lot more time to attend to Andy. This first week has been hard. I miss Joey. Andy misses Joey. We lost a cat. The schedule is all new. Andy doesn't start his own school until next week. We're all tired and sad and missing our Joey (he goes to school ALL DAY now...)

So when Andy said he wanted ahot dog for lunch yesterday, I decided it was a good idea to take him to Dairy Queen and get one. We also got a strawberry sundar (it technically came with my lunch, but I knew it was really for him. I prefer caramel.) When it came, he sighed happily, then said, "Oh! the red! It's BEAUTIFUL!"

"Beautiful" became the word of the day. Anything that he wanted and thought a good thing was "beautiful."

It was a beautiful day.


Niksmom said...

A very appropriate word, indeed. This post was beautiful, too. :-)

mcewen said...

Having 'just' one' for a while can be oh so beautiful.
Best wishes