Saturday, September 29, 2007


We had a lovely overnight visitor at our house this weekend: Will the turtle.

We had the traditional Turtle Sleepover. Grandma found Will in her driveway, and brought him over to our house for the sleepover. Andy has been SO happy, always wanting to rush out to the garden to check on him. Joey was fine with it, but not terribly excited. He liked to pick Will up, turn him upside-down, and hand him to me.

Will stayed in a nice box and had yummy turnip greens, tomatoes, and cheese for supper, a bowl of water for splashing and drinking, and plenty of leaves to hide under. We went for a long walk to gather the leaves. We got to pet Will and talk with Will.

This morning, Will was driven home to Grandma's house and released back into the woods.

Thank you, Will. Do come by for another sleepover soon!


VAB said...

That sounds like so much fun. A wish a turtle would come visit us. All we get is wasps and spiders and the occasional skunk.

Stimey said...

This, on the other hand, makes me very happy. What a lovely sleepover!

Niksmom said...

Love this!

iuliaflame said...

Hello, I'm new to but stumbled on your page and think it is an excellent resource. Fun to hear about the sleepover.

All the best,

another mom

mcewen said...

I heard recently that they bite [turtles that is to say] That said, a sleepover guest that eats veggies would certainly get my vote!

abfh said...

When I was a kid, my sister found a small snapping turtle next to a pond and brought it home to keep as a pet. Mom smiled, told her what a cute little turtle it was, and "accidentally" let it go while we were at school the next day.