Sunday, October 07, 2007

A New Washing Machine

Our washing machine died.

Normally, this would be a minor blip on the screen of life. HTe washer dies, you use the laundromat for a few weeks until the dent-and-scratch sale, you get a new washer. No big deal.

Except I am in a house with one child who still gets bouts of diarrhea, sometimes miss-aims the pee or forgets to wait until he's completely done, and has thrown-up in bed without warning twice in the last two weeks. That's just one of the two kids, remember.

I must have a washing machine.

Apparently the appliance business around here has really gotten hot. We got a washer from Lowe's. It was the cheapest place in town (WTF?) andwe ordered it yesterday (a Saturday) and they called to apologize for not being able to deliver it that day, was it OK to deliver it today (Sunday)?

And they delivered it. On a Sunday. I am washing clothes right now. Life is good.


Club 166 said...

...I am washing clothes right now. Life is good.

I suspect Betty Friedan just turned over in her grave after seeing that. :)

But we know what you mean. Having a working washing machine ranks right up there with running water and electricity.


Casdok said...

Oh yes i too know exactly what you mean!!
How exciting for you!
Its funny how the important things of life change!

Niksmom said...

Woo Hoo! I'm doing the Happy Laundry Dance right now. I totally get it; I have a mad crush on my front-loading machine! LOL