Monday, November 12, 2007


We've been having so many good days with Joey lately that when we get a hiccup, it can be a little jarring. JOey came home from school today absolutely exhausted. I don't know what they di dto the child, but he is tired. Oh, and he had four worksheets to do. Oh, and an assignment to look for things that begin with C. Oh, and we have to do tomorrow;s homework tonight, because tomorrow we have double therapies, one in the Stafford clinic. And we had the drum lesson tonight.

Something was amiss with the toy he decided to play with, and we could not get him distracted from it. Meltdown city. Then we had to do that homework and go to music lesson... yes indeed. One tired boy + way too much to do= not a good thing.

He banged on the drums pretty good. Mr. Shelby wanted him to tap the high hat with his right hand on eighth note counts and the snare with the left on alternate counts. OK, for those of you not familiar with drumming, this would require him to cross his hands, and do two different rhythms with each hand. That lasted all of about two seconds. For one, Joey hates crossing his hands, and dislikes crossing midline. Then trying to get those hand to do two different things? At the same time? Riiiiiiiiiiight.

Of course, that's why I have him in drum lessons. Bilateral coordination and processing and all that. But remember, he was tired before we even got there.

And I had no gum with me, becuase I am an idiot.

These are the kinds of afternoons that remind me not to take good days for granted. Don't forget the emergency sensory support kit. Stay on my toes, because you never know, and trying to get clues about what is going on from Joey when he's having a crazy day is like trying to get a cat to read braille. It's not happening.


Casdok said...

Yes theswe days can be difficult. Hope he is more chirpy today.

Chaoticidealism said...

Awww.... poor Joey. I've been there. I sure hope he feels better soon.

Club 166 said...

...And I had no gum with me, becuase I am an idiot. ...

This made me laugh. I've certainly been there, too.

Hope Joey's doing all right today.