Friday, January 11, 2008

And the baby sleeps in

Gotta love it...

So while I have this silent minute, I shall share it with you. Peace. Quiet. Why am I not napping?

Our dilemma this week is Andy and school. We looked at a school yesterday- it was ok, had lots of space for him to run, lots of movement. I was looking for the fall, but they have a space right now. As in, he could start on Monday.

This was unexpected. Most schools have long waiting lists, and this school is famous for having a long waiting list. Do I try to scrounge up the $200 and send him right now, or do I stick to the original plan of trying to work some extra hours to raise up the money to send him in the fall?

I will be looking at other fall schools, too. I'd like to get him prepped for kindergarden, and this school isn't the most academically-oriented school in town. However, I'm not sure which one is, and we still need to be sure we have a good fit for Andy. the best school on the planet is useless if Andy isn't happy there.

He sleeps on.


Casdok said...

Id go with your gut feelings on this one.

kristina said...

Has Joey seen the school year? What will he do if he does not go?

Stimey said...

I agree that you have to go with your gut feelings when it comes to sending your child to school. But I also feel that there is a lot of value in getting your child used to being in school even if it's not the most academic. And maybe a less academic setting may prepare him for a more academic preschool in the fall.

Either way, I'm going to do my part by trying to remember to buy the totebag from your shop that I keep meaning to. It'll get you a little closer to the $200, whether you send him or not! (I love me some totebags!)