Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nine Hours

In Nine Hours, my baby will be once again starting school.

Three days a week, I will have about two and a half hours to run around doing things that are better done sans kids. Cleaning. Shopping. Research in the library. I already have this week booked, lest there be no week 2, like last time. First morning helping mom with the business books. Wednesday a visit to Joey's school. Friday, my friend Christina and I are going to paint the town red (who let us loose on an unsuspecting world?) I guess putting the Christmas decorations back in the attic will have to wait until next week.

I wonder how many times I will use that formula: x will have to wait until next week. Seven and a half hours to get things done. How quick can I fill those precious minutes?

Ah yes. Dreams of time. When I get caught up to myself (oh HA HA), I am going to do a little stitching, maybe brush up on some cooking. I will work on the blog and website projects I have been putting off. I'll get the downstairs bathroom finished, my own bathroom finished, maybe get the dinosaur curtains made for Andy and completely re-do Joey's room. I'll clean out the hall closets. I'll get my own bedroom to rights- or at least carve a walkable path through it. The garden will get mulched and weeded, and a new lockable gate installed. Time.

Nine hours from right now, my little baby goes off to school. I will have three fewer morning a week to go to the farm, or wander around Walmart with him, or watch dinosaurs with him. Three less mornings a week to take him to the gym, and split a milkshake after. Three less mornings a week of his hugs and kisses and demands for dinosaur snaks.

Nine hours.

And counting.


Casdok said...

Ah yes. Dreams of time!
Its good to dream!

Niksmom said...

Yes, there never seems to be enough time to do it all! Hope school goes well for Andy...and you, too! :-)

Maddy said...

Yup we long for the 'free time' and then moan about them being away [or is that just me? Certainly the moaning bit in any case]
Best wishes

Stimey said...

That last part about less hours to be with him was really beautiful. Good luck to him.

I was so ready for all of my free time once my littlest started school, but he goes to a co-op and it's only two days a week (5 hours total), plus someone is always throwing up at my house, and consequently I haven't had my two and a half hours to myself since mid-December.

Do I sound bitter?