Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Good Look

Ah, winter. I am a contract employee for a living, and this time of year, the work wanes; so I wasn't working today. Instead, Mom needed a computer, so we loaded up and headed over to grab Grandma and take her to Short Pump, the location of the Mac store.

The boys have been in an unfortunate mood. They are very bickery, Andy has been having people talk to the hand instead of dealing with them, and Joey has discovered several phrases that make Mom, Dad, and/or Andy squeak in amusing protest and annoyance. It's been a bit of a long week, turning fast into a long weekend. On top of that, I have a selection of students who like to email rude complaints about my tests and grading policies, and they have been timing these emails so that I get them just as I am about to close down and go to bed, resulting in me dragging my butt to bed at 1 am instead of the planned and much needed 10 pm. Then there's tonight, when I am now overtired and wired, and its 11 pm. Bets I end up awake at 1 am again?

Anyway, we were whizzing down the street, headed to Grandma's, and apparently our van went invisible. This happens to me a lot. My car becomes invisible, and people decide they want to be in my lane. Only this time, I wasn't driving, which was a change. And then folks in front of us decided they needs to stop RIGHT NOW. Fortunately, my van has good brakes, and Allan gave up and scooted around the creeping brake-slammers.

As we accelerated to a more appropriate speed around the folks who needed to learn to drive, Joey squealed with glee, "Daddy! Look at you!"

Ah, positive reinforcement. What a supportive boy we have.

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Casdok said...

What your students are doing must be very frustrating.

Joey abviously understands positive reinforcement!! Very cute!