Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Make My Day

A big thank-you to Maddy for this lovely award. I just gave out an award to the blogging folks I would normally pass this award along to- including Maddy herself- so instead I am going to take a time-out to recognize some not-blogging folks who "make my day" especially when I am down, out, and ready to cry.

First and foremost, I'd like to award this award to my husband, Allan. I don't really talk about Allan much here, because I am mostly focused on the boys and the times when poor Allan is slaving away in the salt mines to keep the roof over our heads, the food in our tummies, and the therapists providing service. But I am one of the luckiest women on earth to have a husband like my Allan. Here is a man who sees his tired wife at the end of the day, and offers to order pizza. This is a man who does laundry and dishes. This is a man who loves to wrestle with his boys. This is a man who thinks nothing of putting his sons to bed, and sitting with Joey until he falls asleep. This is the man who has put off putting Joey back in bed when he creeps into our in the middle of the night, because he won't be little long, and he's so cute! The fact that I married him just proves how clever I really am. ;)

This award also goes to my mom, who loves to take me to lunch (and the boys!), who is always here to remind me how much leeway to give my guys, and what normal looks like. My poor mom got a good dose of my life over the weekend when we went to the chocolate store, and Joey felt the need to push the cart down the aisle at top speed- with his brother in it. Trying to keep those guys contained was nothing less than monumental. After all, they were literally in a candy store! And yet she managed it, so I got two minutes to pick out some chocolate. She gets me through the day.

I also want to pass this along to my friend Christina. Every once in a while I actually get to talk to her. She sometimes shows up at my door with chai. Despite her own challenges, she is always genuinely happy about our little triumphs- and our huge accomplishments. She always tells it like it is. And besides, she has the wonderfully cheerful shade of brilliant red hair (natural!).

This goes to Janine, who has helped Joey through thick and thin, and even let me foam at the mouth (and foamed with me). Thank you for caring about Joey. Thanks for being a great OT. Thanks for being a bright point in our week.

Also to Anne, who shares her sanity every other week. I always look forward to seeing her smiling face, and hearing her gentle voice, and know I'm not the only one out here doing all of this. Also, to her kids; her daughter who shows such patience with Andy, and her son who has become such a great Tuesday Buddy for Joey.

Thanks for making my day.


Maddy said...

Lummy! Real people with a heart beat! [not that bloggers don't have heart beats of course! Perish the thought!]
Best wishes

Niksmom said...

Well deserved. And I love that these are all people you actually SEE! Not that we don't love getting the love and all...but you know what I mean. The day-to-day friends and family...couldn't do without 'em!

Casdok said...

Well done and what a lovely thought. :)

Sustenance Scout said...

Joeymom, I just stopped by after posting about the terrific Beauty Within award. Now I see why MonkeyGirl felt compelled to design an award especially for you! I have a feeling all the people mentioned in your post are equally happy to have you in their lives. Hugs from Denver! K.

Stimey said...

This was great! It's so nice to have actual living, breathing people to support us day to day and in person.

kristi said...

Man, I love chocolate too! I am thankful for my son's OT too because not only does she work with TC diligently, but she TEACHES me things...and to me that is priceless!