Thursday, February 28, 2008

Update: Allergist

First, thank you Joe for your reassuring message about the lidocaine. I followed the doctor's recommendations for use to the letter, complete with saran wrap.

Unfortunately, it didn't work. I know the cream was good, because my fingertips were slightly numbed just getting it on him. But then they came at him with eleven hypodermic needles, and he let us know he was unhappy with each and every one. remember, Joey usually has a very high pain tolerance. Yikers.

He bled, but nothing swelled, so no allergies. The best we can figure, it is some kind of contact allergy, probably something found in the cleaner they use on the school carpets, or something in the carpet itself. We may never know, but the doctor was still unhappy with his rash- the one he has all the time, that doesn't itch, so she wants us back in three months.

He was such a little trooper- he didn't like those needles, but didn't move or scream or anything, just squinched his face and said, "Ouch! Hurts!" So I took him to the toy store and got him a new truck. He was so upset that his teacher let him hold on to the new truck when I took him to school. His ABA session was a disaster. He's now in bed after plenty of hugs and kisses, with his new truck. I thought the routine of school might be comforting for him. Now I wish I had just taken him home.


Niksmom said...

Oh, poor kiddo! I'm betting he really felt kinda icky after all those sticks and just wanted to be home with his mama. Hope he recovers by tomorrow. :-)

Stimey said...

That sounds so terrible. What a brave little guy. Hope he feels better tomorrow.

Casdok said...

A little trooper and a star!
Hope hes ok.

Club 166 said...

Sorry to hear that the anesthetic wasn't as good as promised, but glad that Joey got thru it (with a name like Joey, why wouldn't he?).

Joe (who was a Joey growing up, but came to hate it when my mom called me that in front of my high school friends).