Monday, March 24, 2008

An excellent morning

Although Spring Break started on Friday, today was the first day Joey realized he was on holiday, and not just one of those funny Friday-off weekends school sometimes has. He's going to be home all week. I had to think fast. How to help him get through an entire week with no schedule? One day at a time...

Today's solution was the pool at the gym. Our gym has a lovely children's pool, and its rarely used, especially in the morning. I can see both boys at once, and no one can get in over his head.

Usually, this venture is an adventure. Go to gym, get two small boys into dressing area before clothing removal commences. Get two small boys into swimsuits. Get mom into swimsuit. Gather clothing from all over the room, including the sink and toilet. Get towels at top of bag. Get children to swimming pool. They usually keep their suits on OK. Breathe while they play. When it is tim e to go, transition appropriately to avoid meltdowns. Begin at least 15 minutes before you really need them out of the pool. Herd small children back to changing area before removal of bathing suits commences. Get wet bathing suits off of small, wet bodies. Get own bathing suit off. Chase down small, naked children who have escaped back to pool area. Hope you have suit still on, or towel handy when this happens. Hence, I always get dressed first to minimize opportunities for escape while mommy is still naked. Get two small, wet bodies back into normal clothing, without anyone slipping and hitting head on wall or floor, or water from sink flooding same floor. Gather up towels and suits from all over changing room, including sink and toilet. Herd small children back to car with various offers of positive reinforcement.

I have noted this exercise and its delights before, much to my pain and a mountain of unfortunate email comments (to the point I had to remove one of the posts). However, I have considered the work worth it, because both my boys LOVE the water SO MUCH. Ecstasy is the emotion when I announce to these two, whilst they bounce upon my bed this morning, that we are going swimming today. Pure bliss.

Today, I was rewarded for my generosity. Two boys entered the gym, and headed to the changing area without losing any clothing on the way. They patiently got into their swimsuits, and gathered their own clothes and put them in the bag. THEMSELVES.

Then they walked patiently out to the pool, and commenced immediate fun.

And it got better.

Time to go? No problemo. Five minute warning, ONe minute warning. One countdown and one count up, and they were out. Very impressive. All the way to the changing room, no lost clothing. I spread a towel on the floor, and they patiently sat criss-cross-applesauce waiting for their turn to get out of wet clothes and into dry ones. They sang the ABC song (over and over) while they waited. They helped put their wet suits into a plastic bag, then marched out to the car with proclamations that it was time to go find Grandma (which was perfectly true).

Who are these children, and where have they put mine?


Niksmom said...

OK, I must have missed the previous posts where people sent nasty emails (WTH??). Your account of the way it usually is had me rolling on the floor. You could have been describing my pool time with Nik!

So glad it was delightful today. :-) Maybe the boys sent their rascally-ness on spring break, too?? Enjoy!

SRR said...

That is so great!! Yay boys!!

For future reference here's something I do that works for me. I freely agree it won't work for everyone, and it might not work at all for two young boys.

Here's what I do when I go to my local club to swim for exercise. I put on my swimming suit at home, but a big absorbant bathrobe over it and drive to the club. I walk in (in my bathrobe), swim, put on my bathrobe and walk back out to the car. I have done this down to 32 degrees. Wearing flip flops. Now I do have to say that I don't chill easily. Its very easy and makes me a lot more willing to head to the pool. I suppose some people think it is strange, but the few who comment think its a great idea.

Our local club is quite family oriented and casual, so this might not work for other clubs.


Casdok said...

Very impressive!!

Joeymom said...

That's a good idea- I've seen other folks do that sort of thing. I don't because I usually have 15 other places to go before I can go home. For example, yesterday we still had OT for Andy, and I had to meet with some students, plus I had to do some work at the office. :P

kristi said...

Gosh, that is why I don't like to take TC to our local pool, the lifeguards get 15 minute breaks and they make all of the kids sit out. TC screams and cries the whole time. It is nuts!

Stimey said...

Yeah, the locker room. That may be harder than keeping everyone alive in the pool. I would clearly end up without any clothes on chasing someone through the gym.