Sunday, March 02, 2008

Food and the Preschooler

So you may remember my preschooler decided to stop eating foods. We didn't quite get to the neophobe stage, but it was starting to drive me frantic. We seem to have re-reached the normal "picky preschooler" level, so I'm feeling better.

This week, the menu is bacon, yogurt, poptarts, bacon, american cheese, milk, soda, bacon, calamari ("tidbits"... hey, if he's going to eat something, why not?), parmesan cheese, ketchup, bacon, bacon, chicken nuggets, french fries (started back yesterday), sugar cookies, fruit snacks (which we consider candy), bacon, lettuce, grapes, strawberries, bacon, taco meat, corn chips, potato chips, and bacon.

Schwan's sells precooked bacon that is expensive as hell, but very, very yummy, right from the fridge. That's right. Cold. Its good warmed, too, but the boys prefer it cold. Coronary in a bag. Woo-hoo!

This week, we're going to try carrots, some more veggies (peas would be nice to have back on the list, they're easy to grow), and I may try chicken again. We'll see.


Casdok said...

Food can be a tricky area!! Good luck!

Stimey said...

Have you tried bacon?

little.birdy said...

Hey, calories are important!
Will he eat vitamins?

kristi said...

Tc is very picky too. It drives me crazy. Maybe you need to start raising pigs!

Joeymom said...

Oh yes, and vitamins.

And bacon.