Sunday, April 27, 2008

Where's Daddy?

Allan has left for his trip, and we've already gotten peppered with "Where's Daddy?" I have the calendar up showing that we are going to go see Daddy on Friday. We have been talking about it. The real test is before us: bath time.

Allan cleverly has video chat set up, so the boys say goodnight to Daddy before going up the stairs. We get clothes off. We get the water running. We ask where Daddy is. We get into the bath. We demand bubbles. We ask where Daddy is. We scrub two heads. We scrub two bodies. We ask where Daddy is. We dry two bodies. We find pajamas. We ask where Daddy is. We find our Blankie. We put on pajamas. We ask where Daddy is. We have our story. We have a song.

I put Andy in bed. He asks where's Daddy?

I tuck Joey in. I go to get my dinner. I come back up to find Joey in my bed.

He asks where Daddy is.

I get him tucked back into his bed. I start grading. I ichat with Allan. I watch some Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett style). Here comes a boy. He mumbles something.

"Where's Daddy?"

Daddy, I do believe you are missed.

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