Saturday, April 12, 2008

When Mom Forgets

I took the boys on a drive, out to Wakefield, one of our regular haunts. After being assured that there were no turkeys loose today, we were handed these new little booklets for kids to fill out, and they can earn a badge. Very nice little books, too. The first few pages are geared to the 5-8 crowd. Joey just turned 6, and loves to read. Fabulous.

So we wandered out, sauntering in our usual way, then we got up to the house site where the benches are, and I called Joey over to look at the new book.

Did I mention that sometimes I forget that Joey is disabled?

To me, Joey is just... Joey. And he's a smart kid on top of it. Reads like a dream. Interested in the world, in his way. He likes living things and taking walks and that kind of thing. And he's a cutie-pie, with very kissable cheeks and a big grin. That's my boy.

But there are some things Joey simply cannot do. One is to wander out to a place he doesn't see very often, stop at a point where he doesn't usually stop, and focus joint attention upon a book. On top of that, he was being asked questions about the book, which was giving him new information, and being asked to write the answers down.

Oh dear. No no no. This will not do. That child would have rather pulled out his own fingernails than sit with me and look at that book, or read a word from the page, and let me know in no uncertain terms.

Good side: he's communicating. And he remembered that George Washington was president.
Bad side: Well, after the meltdown over stopping at the benches, and the second meltdown over the book, we had a meltdown at the car because the sheep weren't out.

But basically, it was because Mom is an idiot.


Stimey said...

At least you didn't have to battle the turkeys this time.

kristina said...

No you're not!

Humor and a sign have gotten me through more than a few meltdowns---always a next time for boys and their moms.

VAB said...

You can't anticipate everything that Joey will find difficult or easy, because that changes over time. On the other hand, you are right to say that it's part of our job to be accommodating. What I try to work on with our guy is getting him to tell me early when something is too much.

bobbie said...

No, Mom is definitely NOT an idiot. There is always a next time.

I am trying to do a blog post every so often during Autism Awareness month. Would it be acceptable for me to use one of your beautiful logos on my blog site, or is that a no-no?

Pagan Sphinx said...

Hello. I came over via bobbie. I know you are very busy but I wonder if you could point me in the right direction to vent and share about a little boy in my classroom. He is high-functioning autistic, according to his diagnosis. The venting I need to do is in regard to his educational program, set up by specialist and which I'm supposed to follow. It's not an entirely bad program but I have issues with some of the perspectives, activities and socialization strategies that I'm told I must apply.

Basically, I try to look at all my students as individuals. In any special needs child, I try to find what is most like a "typical" child first and then look at what needs to be done to individualize for that student.

I'm so frustrated sometimes! If you can help, could you email me? My addie is on my page.

Sorry to come here with my own agenda. I did read quite a lot of your entries and I know I will come back again.

Your mom style is neat.