Friday, June 06, 2008

Alex Barton: Civil Case in the Works

Yes, the Bartons have notified the district that they intend to sue. The district has six months to respond.

I hope they win. I hope the District uses this as an opportunity to change their system and train their teachers. I hope they have to pay for Alex's psychological counseling and a new school placement, such as a private situation with full support. I hope they respond to the filing by clearly agreeing to do these things, and then following through.

The district now has a fabulous opportunity to right some wrongs. Let's see if they do the right thing.


Niksmom said...

When I read some of the comments on those TCPalm articles, I can't help but wonder why so many people are SO hostile toward kids with learning and developmental disabilities. It turns my stomach.

Anonymous said...

My advice to you is, do not read the comments on TCPalm. In a similar case as yours we are suing a private school - when our story broke people quickly trashed me, my wife, and our disabled child - without knowing specifics. I found out that one doing the trashing was a parent of one of the kids in the school that gave my child a problem. Standfast, you know the truth. Don't feed into comments left by others as they may be working against you since these blogs can be brought into court. We're watching your case closely since it will affect ours as well.
Best of luck!