Friday, June 20, 2008

A Long Day of Adventure

We had a really good day today. The boys were golden. We started at Colonial Beach, where they had a good swim. JOey was pretending to be Magic School Bus characters. Andy was a crocodile. Hilarity ensued.

I spent the morning in a comfy folding beach chair collecting pretty rocks and holding Andy's collection of pretty rocks. If I had brought a glass of wine with me, it would have been perfect.

Unfortunately, another family showed up and the mom was screaming profanities at her kids (I have no idea why- they looked like they were behaving just fine to me). We decided it was time to move on (well, I decided, and the boys did not protest). We changed into clothes and headed out into the sunrise to find lunch.

We stopped at the Happy Clam, which I had several recommendations for, but now I have no idea why. It was expensive, the food was mediocre at best, and the famed desserts were not available (in high season!) No need to go back there. But the boys were good, and they did get fed, so we were off and running again.

We drove over to the Westmoreland State Park, which is lovely. Lots of camping, a park with great equipment, a pool, paddleboats, fishing... and Fossil Beach, where people find shark teeth. We decided on Fossil Beach. The hike was a challenge, but we got there and the boys just loved it. We were by ourselves, the water was warm, and there was not a tooth to be found; but the swimming and quiet was lovely. Joey was being the Magic School Bus. Andy was being a shark. Hilarity ensued.

We collected more pretty rocks, the boys did a lot of swimming, and then we trudged back to the car (a good trick with my asthma).

We beelined to the camp store for ice cream and a couple of for-sale shark teeth (next time, they will know what we are looking for!), then headed for home. The boys spent the ride home pretending to be bitten by their teeth, or pretending the teeth were their own (look mom, my tooth fell out! My tooth is growing in! Look at my tooth! oops, it fell out! ...)

If all trips went this well, we'd have more of them. The cost of gas be damned.


Stimey said...

That sounds like the perfect day. Sometimes the planets just line up, huh?

Niksmom said...

Awesome day! I hope you video taped some of the hilarity which ensued?

Joeymom said...

No, I didn't. :( When it is just me, I'm lucky if I get any pictures at all. I usually am busy keeping my eagle eyes on the boys. :P

Bonnie D. said...

I can so relate to the great days, we had one just last week at a water park. it's one of those days when my son doesn't beg for the computer, doesn't ask for snacks constantly, and best of all, seems to really have fun. Good for you, I wish you many more happy trips!

kristina said...

Sounds like a real vacation kind of day!