Sunday, June 29, 2008

Vacation Bible School: All Done

So overall, I would call VBS a success. The boys learned some new songs, and new dances, and got to play with lots of crafts and art stuff, and they seemed really happy about going. The folks who organized and ran the program did a great job. The Marketplace was gorgeous, and there was plenty for everybody to do, and try, and discover!

Our last day included a visit from a real goat, and we could try goat milk and goat cheese. Joey really loved that. Andy talked about meeting the goat, too. Joey finished his basket, and he was so proud of himself. He also made another necklace, and got to go fishing with a big bamboo pole (the fishing guy was sticking aluminum fish on clothespins on the ends. The kids were thrilled.)

We wrapped up today by singing some of the songs we learned- with signs- for the whole congregation. Joey was so excited to be able to show off. Andy wasn't so excited, but did a good job. They were both cute as buttons.

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