Friday, July 25, 2008

All to myself

I had Joey all to myself this morning. Andy was at camp. We went to the post office. We went to the grocery store. We stopped by the farm and patted the cows. We got a toy at Target.

And I got to hug him at every opportunity. And kiss him on the head. And squish him, just him and me.

I gave him some extras, just for memory of Evan and his mom.

For us, life is good.

***BTW, I'm headed to Princeton, NJ for the weekend. Go ETS!

****EDIT: Service information for Evan and how the family prefers expressions of sympathy here.


Mama Mara said...

I hate that it took such horrible news to snap me out of my funk and realize how fortunate I am that my son is alive and kicking ... literally. Enjoyed your blog (first time reader). Have fun at Princeton.

Maddy said...

Indeed. Lucky us. Have a super weekend.
Best wishes