Sunday, August 03, 2008

Fifteen Years Ago

Maddy has put us to the challenge: what are ten things you would tell someone you hadn't seen in 15 years?

Fifteen years ago would be... 1993. So, I had just graduated from college. What would I want in the Alumnae Quarterly?

1. I have three more degrees now. Two Master's and a PhD. No, I'm not fully employed, thanks.
2. I did get married. You don't know him, unless you were MUDding with me. In that case, it is Tilton/Dunstable. Yes, he's beautiful, thanks. We had a lovely honeymoon in Europe.
3. I have two little boys. One is autistic. Yes, they are gorgeous, too, thanks.
4. Yes, I got to India, twice. I did get to see the Sri Laksmi at Ellora. I saw the Taj Mahal. I saw the Didarganj Yaksi. I have not gotten to Madurai yet, but I am working on it.
5. I moved back to Fredericksburg in the end. We have a lovely little house right downtown.
6. Yes, I do teach. I have taught at Germanna Community College, Mary Washington College/University of Mary Washington, University of Virginia, University of Richmond, Shenandoah University, and St. Mary's College of Maryland. No, I have no permanent full-time gig anywhere. Adjuncting sucks in pay, but is great for teaching.
7. I did a cross-country trip with my now-husband a couple years after graduation. It was fabulous. We especially liked Yellowstone.
8. I am currently learning to be a genealogist. If any of my regulars want me to practice using their family, I'll take your contact info.
9. I am getting ready to start a number of small research projects, including a project about the restoration of the Thomas Stone Historic Site, the use of Hindu images at ancient Buddhist sites, and Baltimore Realist painting. All projects are contingent on having some actual time to work on them.
10. Life is good. No, it isn't what I imagined it would be fifteen years ago, but I have my family to hug, kitties to pet, a lovely home, plenty of food in the cupboards, and plenty of clothes to wear. I enjoy my family, my garden, and friends, though I often wish I could spend more time with all of the above.

If you decide to hop into the game, feel free, and let me know!


Maddy said...

Lovely, what a good sharer you are!

geosaru said...

Let's see...15 years ago I was 3.

*whistles* Lotsof stuff has happened for me in the last 15 years...