Monday, September 15, 2008


Andy and I had some time before Joey came home, so we made some play dough today. Andy wanted red, so he dumped half a bottle of red dye into the batch. He stirred it himself. He helped knead it, and sprinkled the counter with flour. He pretended he was making pizza until Joey came home.

Joey is harder to make things with, but I got him to decide on red and squeeze the rest of the dye bottle into the pot, and stir it a couple of times. It was too hot for his hands to help knead, but he waited patiently and repeated lines from Blue's Clues in anticipation. I distracted him from the hot dough by cleaning, and then presented him with his new treasure.

Then I put some cookies in the oven, and settled for a peaceful play-dough afternoon. I put Mr. Rogers on the TV, so they were less tempted to abandon the kitchen to watch TV, yet if they decided to invade the livingroom, the show was appropriate and peaceful.

A boy appeared. His head was encased in red dough.

"Look! Mom! I have red hair!" Joey announced, glanced at the TV, said, "Hello, Mr. Rogers!" and retreated to the kitchen.

Apparently I laughed so hard, he decided it was the thing to do with playdough, and spent the next fifteen minutes with the play dough on his head (then they lost interest and we bagged it up for next time).


Anonymous said...

That reminds me of the time we decided to 'wash our own hair' ...with mud.

Niksmom said...

Too funny! I hope you took some pictures??

Stimey said...

Hilarious. I didn't even see it, and I'm laughing.