Monday, November 24, 2008

Andy's Turn

Yes, what a day we had here. We started off with a near meltdown because my neighbor decided to walk a dog this morning when the bus was running on the late side. I managed to get Joey inside and calmed down, but we weren't at the curb when the bus came- and of course, it was the sub driver. Grrrr,

Anyway, I got him off to school. Then I got Andy packed up with his sweet potatoes. Then i ran around most of the morning trying to get my mom's prescription refilled, and failed. Then, after OT, it was Andy's turn to stay at Grandma's!

The boys played very nicely together while I helped Grandma do some cleaning. I was so proud of them. Then I kissed Andy goodbye, loaded up Joey, and off we went.

Joey wasn't very chatty on the way home, but I got him to talk a little about his day, and Thanksgiving, and how he wanted to go to Grandma's on Friday, and he liked being at Grandma's. We stopped and got some DQ, which made him happy. The one thing he wanted to do most was watch Where the Wild Things Are, so we wandered home and did that.

Then the slumber party began.

He wanted to pet the cat, and talked about being gentle and keeping the cat safe, and how soft she was. He wanted to sing songs and sign the alphabet. He wanted to hang out with Mom and Dad and play on the computers. We looked at the blog. He liked to lay on me, and he wanted to be tickled.

We had a magnificent time.

The only mention we had of Andy was when Joey realized Andy's room was dark. He didn't like that, and he wanted me to turn on the nightlight for Andy. I had to explain that Andy was at Grandma's, so he didn't need his light. Joey sighed and said, "i miss Andy." I gave him a big hug and assured him Andy would be home tomorrow.

Those boys sure do love each other.

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