Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tired? I don't think so

Niksmom just put up a lovely post about her son, and his wonderful new appetite. Go Nik! But for some reason, she thinks we're going to get bored of Niks stories and shots of Nik biting into things.

I don't think so. In fact, I eagerly await pictures of him as a teenager, biting into things. It will still seem like exactly what it is- a miracle of victory.

There are moments of miracle that you just never forget. I will never forget Joey coming up the stairs from his ABA and calling me "Mommy!" for the first time (thank you, little.birdy!) I will never forget seeing him point to a pumpkin across the room- the first time he pointed at anything. I will never forget the day Ms. Janene came out from the back to tell me Joey had eaten a ham sandwich, after nearly a year of eating about a dozen foods.

I take a lot of pictures of Joey with pumpkins, Joey pointing, Joey eating, and lots of film of Joey speaking. I may complain about soundification, but it remains music to the soul after the silence.

It isn't just a special needs thing, either. I think it may be more poignant, the miracles that other people miss, we watch with broad smiles and cheers; but people take endless photos of their kids, talk about them at the watercooler, and become jokes to people who don't have children and just don't get it, because we don't tire of those miracles. Ever.

To watch Andy put on his own clothes. To hear him tell me small doings of his day (something Joey still has a great deal of trouble doing, and rarely does). To watch him draw a picture. All miracles to capture and share with you, with the world, because miracles are meant to be shared.

So, my lovely bloggie friends, keep it coming. I will never be tired of the miracles of your children and families. What you find amazing about your world is amazing.

How could I ever tire of it? Keep it coming!


Niksmom said...

Aw, thanks for the linky-love and the beautiful post. I think you nailed it perfectly!

And, I feel the same way about your kids, too! :-) xo

little.birdy said...

Your son is sweeter than pie. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to work with him and sort of stumble into speech-language pathology. Thank YOU! :D

Team Friesen-Hill said...

I have a son that's speech delayed and developmentally delayed. He started therapy a year ago and we love to watch his progression. To watch other children like Joey or Andy is always a joy as well.