Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kickin' and Takin': Christmas Edition

So my mom so completely and totally rocks that she helps me pay for a person to come clean my first floor twice a month. Tomorrow is Cleaning Lady Day. I decided to take full advantage of this by getting a ready for Christmas as possible before she comes, so that once she cleans, the house will be "Christmas cleaned." This is two days sooner than I am normally ready for Christmas. I am often putting together my greens arrangements when the bayberry candle whiffs out on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning. But this year? I rock.

Tree up. Garlands up. Bannister garland up. New shelf displayed with my paper village and bottle-brush tree collection. Dining room table cleared and set with past Santa photos and a plate for Santa's cookies and a mug for Santa's milk (or Crown Royal...) Buffet cleared and set with Three Kings collection display. Mantel done. Greens arrangements done. Kitchen table cleared and Christmas tablecloth on. Kitchen (mostly) cleared. Boys' presents, husband's presents, Evan's presents, and Grandma's presents wrapped, except for the couple I just found hiding in the guest room.

Yes, folks, we are totally kickin' and takin' tonight. We'll just ignore the sore throat.


Casdok said...

Im worn out just reading that!
Wishing you all the best rocking christmas!

Stimey said...

It's Christmas Even now and I'm barely where you were four days ago!