Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hard Times

Some days are beautiful, wonderful journeys of growth and learning. And some days are floundering in the dust. That's life for you. Sometimes those days are the same day. Just bizarre.

Joey has been having some rough days. Lots of spacing invading. Lots of wild, unpredictable behavior. Lots of annoying the brother. Meltdowns. General malaise. Not good.

Mrs. H and I are trying to put together the clues and figure out what is going on. We're pretty sure the new classmate in the morning- Joey's time in the autism resource room- is a factor. We're sure the post-Christmas breakdown is feeding into the issues. Losing a tooth- especially with all the blood involved- didn't help. But is there more? Are we seeing a sensory shift? Do we need new strategies? New inputs? What can we be doing to support him?


Maddy said...

Always takes a bit of digging but I'm sure you'll figure it out.
Best wishes

kristina said...

oh dear----so much at once!

Losing a tooth has always caused Charlie tremendous pain and worry. I think the feeling of the lose tooth has ind of drive him crazy, not to mention swollen gums.

Maybe Joey's getting more aware of things, like changes in routine, changes in his body, the new classmate? And being aware and more aware, he's responding.

Maddy is right, you'll figure it out---sending a hug and some warm tea too.