Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In the Snow

Yes! Snow at last! We got right up and out into the glorious white stuff. It has become a rare treat around here, so just a quick pre-breakfast, then out into the morning!

After a glorious fifteen minutes, they were both back inside. Apparently the snow is too cold to make snowballs. So then we had hot chocolate and eggs and bacon, and warmed up. Then we got ourselves back together, and I decided a walk might be more in order than freeplay. There were some folks sledding, but no one wanted to loan a sled, so we headed over to Aunt Christina's and warmed up with Max and Charlie and Jack. On the way, we looked at the snow falling, and tossed snow at the trees, and made sure we stayed away from any cars sliding by. On the way back, the snow was wet enough to pack into little snowballs. So we threw them at each other.

We played out front until Andy got cold. We actually got a little snowman together- a mini-snowman. Very cute. Then we came in for chocolate-chip pancakes for lunch.

All that fun, and its just lunch time. I'll keep you posted!

Added: We've popped the corn, baked the cookies, and even had yummy chicken pieces for dinner. Another round of snow play. I now have two tired little guys... but now it is sleeting. Yuck.

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Casdok said...

Looks like great fun and a great way to wear them out!