Monday, February 16, 2009

Yummy Lunch

Joey had off school today for President's Day- and Andy didn't. So I got to hug and squish my Joey all to myself for a few extra hours! We didn't do anything super-special; it was pretty cold, and lots of stuff was closed for the holiday. We went out to cheer up Grandma, and played some video games, and took a ride. We took Grandma to a store where she bought chocolate and flashlights for the boys. She wore out pretty quick, so we dropped her off after we picked Andy up, and I took the boys to lunch.

Taking two small boys to lunch by yourself can be a challenge, especially if the restaurant of choice is a salad bar place. Fortunately, we are well-known at the place, so they were happy to seat us next to the bar and in the window, so everybody could get food without leaving small boys unattended.

And we proceeded to have the Perfect Lunch. Joey got his mac and cheese and green beans and sat down. Andy got his lettuce, dip, pickles, cheese, bacon, and butter, and sat down. I got my salad together, and we had a lovely lunch. Our lunches came, and the boys buckled right into their chicken strips. Food was actually consumed. We talked about Andy making a hat at school. We talked about it being President's Day. We talked about George Washington, and that he was born at the farm we frequent, and spent his youth across the river from our house. We talked about President Lincoln being the 16th president and being born in a log cabin (something Joey needs to know for SOL tests). We played tic-tac-toe on our placemats. We got ice cream for dessert, with sprinkles. The boys spent the time eating it practicing signs and Spanish (well, Andy practiced his Spanish).

They were so lovely and charming, the elderly couple sitting next to us actually came over and told us so.

How's that for a yummy lunch?


kristi said...

Awesome. I had to work today but the kids were home with Hubs. They went and got me a new computer desk, I am so excited!

Stimey said...

What a great day. You can't beat that!