Friday, March 20, 2009

Overheard at Joey's Bath-time

“Hey! I said no bubble bath!”
“What, Daddy?”
“No bubbles! You added bubbles! And I’m going to tell you when to turn the water off tonight, and you will turn it off.”
“Awwww. “
“Oh, wait, you didn’t have bubble bath last night, did you? You’re OK then. I’m sorry, Buddy!”
“That’s OK! Thank you for saying yes!”


Club 166 said...

Turning off the water is often a thing contested in our house, too. Buddy Boy loves to sit with his back to the faucet, and let the water pour over his back.

And both kids put WAY too much bubble bath in the tub when they bathe.

But at least they're getting better at not splashing as much out of the tub.

Sally's World said...

sweet....i used to have to hide anyhting from Aaron, lotion, talcum powder, bubbles, all went in the bath, full bottles...

Maddy said...

Yes we have the water thing here too, and the soap, and the.......well, you know.