Monday, April 27, 2009

Are You Aware? XXIV

The world of autism parents is a labyrinth of warnings, therapies, insurance, school personnel, services, institutions, government agencies, private agencies… and quacks. I had no idea that snake oil was so alive and so very well until I starting looking at what to do for Joey. Some of the stuff practically screamed “SNAKE OIL HERE. ALSO HAVE BRIDGE FOR SALE.” More often, it was far more subtle. Scare tactics were always a big red flag for us. “Cure your kid for $5000” was another common red flag.

Want to know the latest in what’s been studies, and what is woo? Ned a place to start your own research into different methods, theories, and therapies? Try Quackwatch. They even have an autism-specific site.


Sally's World said...

the scary thing is, parents who can't come to terms with the diagnosis really go for it..the big makes me so mad that people prey on the vulnerability of that..i try to expose as many as i can..i am quite hated lol!!!

Cathy said...

thanks for that web site!