Monday, April 13, 2009

Hopping Down the Joey Trail

Another lovely Easter. We've had a couple of really good days here. I hope it lasts.

The boys did get to go out and find all those pesky eggs the Easter Bunny was so not-nice about scattering all around instead of leaving them in the basket. The boys cleaned up the yard nicely, finding all those chocolates and jelly beans in bright plastic containers. Andy was delighted that some of them were dinosaur-shaped.

Then the boys headed for the porch, where their Easter Baskets awaited with more chocolate (well, not so much for Andy, who doesn't really like chocolate), more jelly beans, peeps, and toys. Andy was very excited about the jelly beans and the peeps, and the stuffed duck (which he had picked out himself the other day). Joey liked his blue car and his blue peeps and his chocolate rabbit.

Andy had a great time exploring the baskets and showing us all his new treasures. I got them pads with tic-tac-toe, very exciting, and these hands that point on a stick, teachers use them in classrooms. The boys think they are fabulous.

Finding cellophane to wrap the baskets has become increasingly difficult. That's actually last year's cellophane, the baskets never got unwrapped. I just stuck the new stuff in the same way you reach in to get it out. Next time I see rolls of cellophane, I'm stocking up. Don't other people wrap Easter baskets in cellophane anymore? The magic effect is well worth the $2 for the roll, trust me. An Easter basket without cellophane is like a Christmas present without paper.

Remember that chocolate rabbit in Joey's basket? It didn't live long. Joey loves chocolate. When it comes to candy, he and Andy are like Jack Sprat and his wife. ANdy doesn't care for chocolate, Joey doesn't care for lollipops or jelly beans, together they eat the whole store.

I love the way Joey seems to contemplate sweets and food. Its a very careful, conscious process of relishing it.

This is the way Easter really ought to be. The pure enjoyment of a Peep.

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Stimey said...

Sounds super fun! My kids would probably sell their dog for a Reeses peanut butter cup. That's what we're into.

I always find cellophane wrapping and bags at Michaels or other craft stores. (And by always, I mean the two times I used it.)