Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Screaming Mimis

It has been a rough few days here. Joey is not feeling tippy-top, and his schedule has been thrown to the four winds. Monday was a holiday, and yesterday was a field trip. His aide said he did great on the trip, but he was a screaming mass of child at speech therapy. Today should be a "normal" day, but we'll see.

My work is all screwed up. I usually teach online, but the new person isn't getting much training or mentoring about the system or the class structures. She keeps offering me "classes" that don't exist, or seeming to conflate live with online sections. Consequently, I have no idea what is going on, or what I am teaching, and don't have my fall BlackBoard shells, and it's almost June! Oh, and did I mention I have to redesign the classes because we are going to be using a new textbook?

Ok, this morning's job: find a gastroenterologist for Joey. Yay.

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kristi said...

Gaaah..I hope your week gets better!