Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New To Autism? Read this

Please, please, please, go over to Squidalicious and read this review of Jenny McCarthy's book if you are even thinking about reading it. And check out the really nice bibliography at the bottom. Seriously, folks, get some real information. Pop biomed is not only inappropriate, it can be dangerous.

I mean, I love Ray Bradbury and Ursula LeGuinn, but I'm not about to base any physics articles on The Martian Chronicles or The Left Hand of Darkness.

Don't get caught in negativity and pop-culture abilism. Get real information from real scientists, doctors, and trained specialists. That minefield of people is quite enough to try to navigate without the likes of celebrities obscuring the way.


little.birdy said...

But JoeyAndyMom, she is FAMOUS and therefore is the be all end all authority! <--sarcasm

Jeni said...

Some very good, straight-forward advice there!

Squid said...

Thanks for the link, and firm words -- we need more of them, more loudly, to balance Ms. McCarthy's heartfelt but totally skewed pronouncements.

And can I just freak out completely about how much your son looks like mine? Do you know just how many kids look like ours? Except for the hair texture, your lefthandmost header picture could be Leelo.

Joeymom said...

OK, Squid, that is just freaky. ;)