Monday, August 17, 2009

Round Three

Stay tuned for more members of the Choir Invisible. As soon as we get the nerve up to take care of it.


Maddy said...

Lummy. My eyesight is worse than I thought. Good luck with whatever kind of eradication is necessary. Fortunately I know absolutely nothing about snakes [except in picture books]

Lyn said...

Don't kill it! I like snakes.
Snakes are so cute.
And helpful to the whole world.

Unless they are poisonous ones... . But rattle snakes are nice enough to warn folks. They have their place, but it's not good to have them near a house....

Joeymom said...

Sorry, I forgot to remind everybody: that's a copperhead.

DIE. DIE. DIE. They can go live at the river or by the pond a mile down the road. But not here.

All non-venomous snakes are welcome.