Saturday, November 21, 2009

Secrets, secrets

"Andy is going to go to Grandma's and make something special for Thanksgiving."
"Really? What?"
"Apparently it's a secret."
"It starts with P!"
"Oooo... umm... parsnips?"
*giggle* "No!"
"Potatoes? Parsley?"
*giggle* "Nooooo! It's pie!"
"Yeth! A P pie! Pie that starts with p!"
"Oh. Pumpkin? Are you making pumpkin pie?"
"Aaaa! You guessed it! Daddy, don't tell, its a secret! You're not supposed to guess!"
"Oh. I forgot already what kind of pie..."
"Pumpkin! Pumpkin pie!"


Club 166 said...

My favorite kind.


Tammy said...

Don't you just love how kids can keep a secret?