Thursday, January 07, 2010

Fish Catastrophe

I'm sorry to announce that we have had a catastrophe with the fish. I use filtered drinking water to change the tank water every other day. I bought the water at a different-than-usual place yesterday, and changed the water this morning. We believe that there was something in that water that has resulted in... well, we have lost Chris and Godot, and Quille is very, very weak.

I have pulled the tank apart and cleaned and rinsed everything, refilled it with the proper water, and changed all filters. We will see how many fish we are buying tomorrow.

Edit: Quille did not survive the night. I am going to let the tank settle and clear, and then the current plan is to try some rosy reds to help the tank cycle again.


r.b. said...

I am sorry...we lost Tom and Jerry in the same way. All it took was one change of water. They are buried beneath a tree at Sesquicentennial Park in Columbia,SC.

Jerry got sick first, and Tom kept trying to cheer him up, make him move around. I swear even animals care for each other!!!!!

Niksmom said...

:`( *sniff* I'm sorry.

Stimey said...

Oh no. Oh. No. I am so sorry. I have no words.