Sunday, March 14, 2010

Energy Bottoms Out

If you aren't into whining, move on to the next blog. Nothing to see here. Thanks.

Still here? I'm now going to whine. Like a little spoiled drama queen girl who doesn't get her way.

I have a lot of things I am supposed to be doing. Normal, regular things that got out of hand, out of control, and outer space. The fault is entirely my own, because my nature is not the neat and tidy kind. In fact, I think I put pack-rats to shame. When I see a house in worse shape than mine, its A. on TV and B. on a show about how to clean out a packrat nest, and usually involves a team of 3-5 people and a large skip.

Not only am I naturally a disaster, but keeping on top of the pile takes time. Time around here is a tradable commodity. I'm not a stay-at-home mom, I'm a work-around-the-kids'-schedules mom. I put the kids on the bus, grab a shower (usually), check my email and tweets, and hit the road. Mom's office, where I do stuff like track our genealogy research cases, prep manuscripts for publishing, and light cleaning. My classroom, teaching intro art history to a variety of students at a variety of levels of college-readiness (and fewer and fewer of them are college-ready for my college class). If I'm lucky, I might get a few minutes to do some normal errand stuff, like pop into the grocery, or peck at my garden. The weekends are usually dedicated to my essay scoring job. Then I have the guys home, and I try to peck at some stuff. Usually I'm trying to engage them, picking up their toys, or taking Joey to speech (the OT is on temporary* hold), and trying to get Andy to do his homework. I try to sneak in some email and stuff if they get occupied with their own stuff. I'm on a kick to cook dinner better instead of tossing sandwiches, hot dogs, or something from the freezer at the boys and hope to get around to feeding the adults later, because my sugar numbers don't like me eating after about 7, and besides, its better for everybody. However, cooking takes time. Then its bed-time, and Andy still insists someone be in the room with him to go to sleep. Now it's 8:30, which isn't bad, and I have my online classes to do. When I have some time, I read some blogs, and somewhere between 11 and 12, unless my nerves are bad, we get some sleep. I'm supposed to have Fridays off. That's now a big joke around here.

Yeah, I could clean instead of reading blogs. I am aware of that. Thanks.

This last week, I actually made some progress. This is partly because the boys are in school an extra 20 minutes, though that's only translated to about 15 minutes later getting off the bus for some reason. Anyway, I managed to dig out my kitchen table, which I needed to do to support my Cook Dinner Better campaign. I was hoping by this time in the school year, I would have my basement dug out and set up for the boys, my garden mulched, pruned, and ready for spring, and perhaps have made some progress on my guest room, but so far, I've gotten the kitchen table dug out. Kinda. Oh, and the utility strip out front mulched, so I can keep down the dog poo. I need to add the herbal spray that discourages the dogs from using our utility strip as a latrine to my list of things to get at the store. That's about it.

Oh, wait, I actually cooked dinner. Twice.

Yeah. Yay for me.

*We hope.


farmwifetwo said...

Here, I can get through respite someone to come and clean my house... seriously... I don't b/c as a SAHM (w/ 2 very part time bookwork jobs I do at home) I really should be able to clean my own and b - I don't want other adults in my space. Still have nightmares of the IBI/ABA disaster.

But it may be something to look into. Or if the boys are agreeable someone to take them to the playground, run around the yard with them... after school while you are making meals...

Just something to think about. I use a very little of my allowable $$ for respite... Just some for "dates" some weekend and a little extra help in the summer... to mow grass... pull those weeds in my garden.

ghkcole said...

First, I not only approve of whining, I believe highly in its medicinal value. I am thrilled for you to whine a bit. You have every right. Call it like you see it.
Second, if I could get respite to clean my house... whoaaaahhhh. I would. Yes, I would.
Third, I am an addict of shows like Clean Sweep. I sort of think of myself as Packrat Light sometimes. You would never look at my house and ever call me a pack rat, but if you open some of my drawers, though... So every once in a while I force myself to do my own mini clean sweep. I'm as unhappy about it as a girl can be, until the back half, when I see the progress. Whoah, that feels good. If you feel like cleaning up a bit, just pick a tiny area, give yourself an assignment with rules, and set a finite amount of time. If possible, enlist a partner. After, you'll feel like you had a massage.
Or just blog instead. It's good for cleaning the mental house.
I send you a big hug.

Julia said...

I'm quite familiar with the "Gee, I'd planned to have A, B and C totally under control by now!"

I'm having someone come over for 5 hours to help me with my stuff, and another 6 hours to watch kids and help deal with kid stuff (such as some of their laundry) every week, and that's helping some. I also have a prioritized plan for the next 3 weeks, which I'm hoping will translate into actually getting some of it DONE.

And, well, if that was whining, it wasn't pointless -- it made me feel a little better about myself.