Thursday, March 11, 2010

Two Little Men From School Are We...

For some reason, the boys decided to do this morning's routine in operetta. I think Joey started it; as I came out of the bathroom, he started singing "Good morning! Good morning! We're up and getting ready for schoo-ool!" and dashed off to his bathroom to start dressing. Andy was a bit slower, a bit grumpier, nothing like he will be this weekend. Then he heard Joey singing, "It's picture day! I'll have my picture TA-ken!"

Andy hopped in with both feet, picking out a shirt and singing along. They sang to the cats. They sang about putting on their coats. They sang about Mom making their snacks. We had a short squeak because Joey got so into the singing, he forgot to put on his shoes and it looked like we would be late to the bus stop; but then he got them on, and sang (with a very earnestly sad face) that he was late for the bus and might miss it and miss picture day. But then we got to the stop, and here came the bus, and all was well with the world.

Nothing like a little music to start a beautiful day.

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r.b. said...


That thar's funny! What a way to start the day!!!!!