Thursday, April 01, 2010

Autism Awareness Month: Here it IS!

Welcome to Autism Awareness Month! Happy April!

What is autism to us?

Autism is a big smile that greets us every morning, often with a "Good morning, Mommy. I got a 764! I won the game!"

Autism is a big hug and kiss, you just have to ask.

Autism is leaping up, throwing that arm confidently forward, and proclaiming, "To Infinity, and Beyond!"

Autism is being proud to run around the bases.

Autism is the never-ending chant in the back seat- you might as well join in.

Autism is an invitation to play that starts, "It's 3:17! Do you like the number 48?"

Autism is a big, happy, "WOW!" when we discover something new.

Autism is a little flicky finger showing me where to look.

Autism is a whole list of numbers on my sidewalk. And someone being upset if you step on one, because they are "houses."

Autism is insisting on getting Ms. Leslie (our awesome speech therapist) a bag of swedish fish every single week, because she said she likes them.

Autism is our way of life. When we have downs, its always a good thing to remember the ups. When we take a step back, we don't forget we may turn a corner. Be aware: autism is not a tragedy. Ignorance is a tragedy. Autism just is.


Casdok said...

Beautifuly put! :)

KWombles said...

Lovely! :-)

Jen said...


Ana Through The Looking Glass said...

Beautiful post! sometimes I wish other people could see just how wonderful life can be with autism mixed in.

Stimey said...

Oooh, I LOVE your last three sentences!

Professor P. said...

At our house, we call Autism Awareness Day "Julie Day." Our daughter is 19, and came home from college (yes, she's in college, majoring in English, and making the dean's list)this year to celebrate her day by eating one of her favorite dinners and then watching the Temple Grandin movie with the family. Your posts bring back memories of having a living tape recorder in the back seat, banging her head while reciting a story tape she'd heard only once; hearing her incessantly tell me how far past lunchtime it was; and loving animals. Now that she is grown, Julie realizes that she processes information differently from her roommates, and it bothers her to hear autism called a "handicap."

All the best to your family.