Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Birthday Celebration, Boy Style

We started our Birthday Bash at our favorite of favorite places, Chuck E. Cheese! We went first thing, because it gets a little crowded on Saturdays. Joey even got a score of 230,000 on skee ball!

Then we got to play baseball! Joey is very happy to be playing in the blue team (the Yankees to the rest of us).

JoeyAndyDad showed Joey a bit about throwing the ball. Joey loves fielding the ball, so we're going to be practicing throwing and catching.

Joey also got a batting lesson, and tried to hit a few pitches (before they brought the T out for him). It was very exciting!

Joey loves running around the bases!

Joey on second base, awaiting the next hit.

Then he got mac and cheese at Ruby Tuesday! Yummy! It was a great birthday lunch.

We went home for cake and presents. Grandma made an awesome Buzz Lightyear cake. It was delicious.

Joey got lots of great presents (lots of Buzz Lightyear, Wow Wow Wubbzy, and a cool clock that projects space themes on the ceiling) and his favorite... Andy got him his very own Zhu Zhu Pet!

It was a really happy birthday!


Club 166 said...

LOL. We visited the giant mouse (aka Chuck E. Cheese) for Sweet Pea's B'day last month. I hate that place, but the kids love it.

Happy belated B'day to Joey!


Stimey said...

Looks so fun! Happy (late) birthday to your guy!!