Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Camp Begins

The boys started their real summer schedules today. Well, Andy did. Joey got stuck with Mom all day.

Andy went to Hazelwild. He's been anticipating Hazelwild Summer Camp for weeks now, ever since I asked him if it would be OK to sign him up. Extra bonus, Grandma paid for another week of it in July, so I was pleased to find he enjoys it. The doubt wasn't that he doesn't luv him some Hazelwild, but that he has to be there from 8:45 am to 5pm. That's a long camp day. Fortunately, he's still very happy, and had a great day. They couldn't go out for their nature program today (it was 100 FREAKIN' DEGREES, with a heat index of ONE HUNDRED SEVENTEEN DEGREES) so the camp watched a movie- one that Andy is afraid of, so his counselor kindly wandered about with him and chatted for the hour and a half. How cool is that? They did allow the kids to get in the pool, so all was good. Oh, and he made some kind of bead thing-a-ma-bob, with a few beads on a very long string. He's very happy about it.

Joey got stuck with Mom. He decided he wanted to learn about the ocean this week (decided Sunday night, no less), so i have lots of ocean stuff planned. We kinda didn't get to any of it today. I had to run in to the office to do some stuff, and one thing lead to another, and in the end we celebrated our first Ocean Camp Day by studying water. As in, we went to the pool and swam together. He was excited that Mom got in the pool, so all was good. We practiced our swimming. That counts, right?

Tomorrow I am hoping to pull out some Jacques Cousteau films and books and stuff, maybe talk about fish, and curl up in the heat of the day on the couch together with my computer and have a "let's research and find out" segment. Maybe look up currents or different ocean levels or something. I'll see if he has a question he can come up with himself. Oh, and we have speech at 2. Maybe I'll let Ms. Leslie in on Ocean Camp, too. ;)

Happy Summer!

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Stimey said...

Sounds like a good day! And way cool that Andy's camp didn't force him to sit through the movie. Which one was it?