Monday, July 05, 2010

A Weekend of Fun

Ah, the Fourth of July Spectacular! We had a lovely time going to fairs and setting off fireworks and relaxing by the pool!

We got to pet animals at the Spotsy Stars and Stripes Spectacular, including cool alpacas!

We got to feed goats, too, though they weren't very hungry. The best part was that the petting zoo was in the shade- woo-hoo!

Joey got to ride a horse! He liked being on it, but getting on and off was a challenge. Horses are big!

The boys toured an ambulance, and Joey got to tell the rescue squad folks that he took a ride on one when he was four because he was broken.

Most of the afternoon involved waiting in very long lines with no shade. Look in the background, see that tent? That's a mister. I would send them over there to cool off while I held their place.

They got to have some fun all the same. Joey likes barrel rides!

And they had lots of big bouncers again, though we didn't get to get in most of them- long lines in the sun=tired boys.

Andy does love bouncing, though.

After being hot and tired, we decided to sit in the shade with lemonade and cotton candy.

Sunday was the big event- fireworks! Woo-hoo!

We picked out fireworks without whistles, because the boys hate the noise. So we had a great show!

(Yes, I know he's sunburned. that's with SPF 50 sunblock! Yipes! the poor child has inherited my skin!)

Andy liked the colored sparks best, and Joey liked sparkly ones.

Happy Fourth of July!

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