Saturday, July 24, 2010

When I Win The Lottery

1. No one I know will have a mortgage. Just sayin'.
2. We're going to buy one of these big empty box stores and renovate it into a therapy center. Special needs services and a school will be there- as well as a beauty salon that offers 20-minute and 30-minute treatments and haircuts for $20-$30, a nice coffeeshop and lunch counter, and lots of recliners.
3. I'm going to buy one of the last remaining stretches of trees and land in town, maybe that farm in the middle of Central Park, and build a nature center, with plenty of space and activities inside as well as outside. Oh, and have some big fiberglass dinosaurs and stuff outside. All fenced in, safe and sound.
4. I'm buying one of those million-dollar condos on the Ocean City boardwalk. You're all invited.
5. All those special devices that would be awesome for our kids to have to support them? All taken care of.
6. And those 1:1 aides they could all use in school? Done.


Apples and Autobots said...

Girl, I'm praying you get that winning ticket!!!

Amanda said...

Any chance you could relocate that up here? It's cooler, remember! :)